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Jason Kutulakis

Jason Kutulakis’s Legal Guides

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  • Remedies for victims of child abuse

    There are several legal remedies for victims of suspected child abuse. There are criminal and civil remedies which are very different.

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  • How to report suspected child abuse

    Child abuse is pervasive throughout our society in all socio-economic community. It is imperative that suspected child abuse is promptly reported to the local county child welfare agency and to the local law enforcement agency.

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  • How will Pennsylvania's Workplace Misclassification Act effect you?

    The effect of this law is to ensure that individuals on a construction job are properly classified as either employees or independent contractors. This Act imposes harsh penalties upon employers who avoid paying into PA's worker and unemployment compensation funds. The Act r...

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  • PA Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA)

    Registration Requirement All contractors and contracting businesses that engage in residential home remodeling must register with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In other words, all contractors ot

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