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Brian Vincent Manchester

About Brian Manchester

About me

Several years ago I decided that I would no longer be satisfied with just reading blood alcohol test results and listening to local experts who say blood tests results are accurate and can't be challenged.  So I decided to investigate this issue myself.  I read untold numbers of articles and books by experts from around the world and I also joined the National College for DUI Defense.  I am very glad I did.  Not only are there problems with the accuracy of blood tests, I have found that in a lot of the counties I go to, the very admissability of the tests is a major problem for the prosecution.

Since I came to this realization I now even spend more time learning about this subject as well as all aspects of defending DUI cases.  Not only that but i am constantly learning how to present this information to judges and juries so they can understand what I am telling them which leads to good results for my clients.