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Rex McQuaide’s Answers

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  • If a judgement is placed, will bank accounts be seized as well as physical property owned outright?

    Judgement placed on me for ex-husbands house. Will they try to take whatever funds are in the bank as well as my car that is owned outright? What about other possessions, furniture, jewelery, etc?

    Rex’s Answer

    Yes, once a judgment is entered of record, that judgment can be enforced by garnishment of your bank account, judgment execution against real estate or via attachment and sale of your non-exempt personal property. Some points to keep in mind: (1) there may be a legal basis to petition the Court to "open the Judgment"; and (2) judgment enforcement can only be directed against property owned by the judgment debtor (including the debtor rights in property held by a third party garnishee).For example, in the State of Pennsylvania, a judgment against a husband cannot be enforced against property titled jointly as "husband & wife".

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