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Marshall D. Chriswell

Marshall Chriswell’s Legal Guides

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  • What You Should Know About Protection From Abuse (PFA) in Pennsylvania

    What is a Protection From Abuse Order? In Pennsylvania, a victim of domestic violence can file for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order. A PFA is also known as a "stay away" order or a "restraining order." It prohibits an abuser (the Defendant) from having any contact with the pe...

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  • What is Power of Attorney? 5 Facts You Should Know.

    By: Marshall Chriswell A Power of Attorney is a written document that gives one person authorization to act on behalf of another. I regularly recommend that my estate planning clients sign Powers of Attorney (including a Financial Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Power of Atto...

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  • Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Law: Act 129 Sets New Rules for Tenant's Abandoned Property

    By: Marshall Chriswell One common question asked by both landlords and tenants is this:What can a landlord legally do with a property that a tenant leaves behind? Until recently, there was not a good answer to this question. However, on September 5, 2012, that changed. That was t...

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