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Clifford L. Tuttle Jr.

Clifford Tuttle’s Legal Guides

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  • Charges against Philly Mortgage Foreclosure Firm Could Result in Dismissal of Cases

    A handful of law firms in Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania that has handled thousands of mortgage foreclosures throughout the State. However, the firm was delivered a severe blow in Bankruptcy Court this week. Coverage of that matter brought to light a suit recently filed i...

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  • Arbitration in Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Cases (Part Two)

    WHAT A NUISANCE! EVICTING A TENANT TO AVOID PAYING FOR POLICE VISITS The City of Pittsburgh and at least one other municipality (Etna) have enacted ordinances that enable the municipality to declare properties a nuisance after three police calls. The matters can be relatively tr...

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  • A Guide to Arbitration in Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant Disputes (Part One)

    THE NOTICE OF APPEAL: SO MUCH TO DO AND SO LITTLE TIME TO DO IT! When a landlord is awarded possession of the leasehold by the Magisterial District Judge, the tenant may appeal to a board of arbitrators, but there are a few things to know. Landlords and tenants frequently represe...

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  • The "Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009" Says Tenants have Rights after Foreclosure.

    Judging from the questions in the Landlord-Tenant section of AVVO Answers, there are a great number of tenants being displaced by mortgage foreclosures on the residential properties they rent. Moreover, the attorneys who are answering the questions seem to be unaware of a federa...

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  • Mortgage Foreclosure in Pennsylvania

    Facing mortgage foreclosure in Pennyslvania If you have missed your mortgage payments, your lender will be required by Pennsylvania law to send a formal notice of intention to foreclose. This notice will tell you whom to contact and what you must do to stop the foreclosure. It al...

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