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Henry M. Sneath

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  • Will a non-compete prevent me from working on temp assignments that have been awarded to competitors of my previous employer

    I have a non-compete with my previous employer and have since left the company to work as an independent contractor. I do not solicit any business from my previous employer's clients and I do not consider myself a direct competitor. However, if a...

    Henry’s Answer

    I would assume that it would prevent you from taking even temp assignments. The written agreement itself will always prevail and since I don't have that to read, I can't give an opinion with 100% certainty. However, non-compete generally means what it says within a certain territory and under certain parameters. You risk an expensive lawsuit and possible award of damages against you if you try to do an end run by accepting even temporary work. It would be hard to imagine a scenario that would make this worth the risk unless there is some specific exclusion in the non-compete agreement (which is not likely). The second half of your question seems irrelevant. The client relationship with this potential employer is not relevant. The non-compete is with you and governs your conduct, not theirs.

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