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Rebecca Anne Myers

About Rebecca Myers

About me


I have had an interest in helping families and individuals navigate the difficult issues of separation, divorce, support and custody since long before I began practicing family law. Perhaps it is my background in psychology  but I have always seen the importance of family law practitioners being sensitive to the needs of their clients legally, emotionally and financially, through what will most likely be a very difficult chapter in their lives.


Regardless of whether my client wishes to pursue litigation, mediation, or collaboration I strive to be sensitive to their needs and attentive to their requests. I believe that my role as an attorney is to bring a level of transparency to the legal system. My clients should not only know what is going on in their case, but should be comfortable that they understand what each step is and what that means in real world terms. 

If you are looking for that type of representation, please feel free to contact me.


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