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Lea T. Bickerton

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  • Can I get out of jail time for probation

    I am facing an 2702 4a in washington pa. My prior record score is 3 and i have other pending cases. I have been in treatment for almost a year and this case is just beginging while thr other is ending. how mush time if any may i face and what can ...

    Lea’s Answer

    If you are charged with 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 2702(a)(4), that means that you are looking at a second degree felony charge. As you already know, the jail time you may face on this case will depend on the sentencing guidelines. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will try to get the best result for you while addressing your mental health and drug & alcohol needs. Another issue is whether or not you are currently on probation or parole.

    Please note that a public forum like this is not a substitute for contacting a criminal defense attorney in your area. You are facing a serious charge and the fact that you have other cases pending makes this a more challenging situation for you.

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  • Am I still on probation?

    for my second dui i was sen to a halfway house for 90 days but the probation started months before that. during the halfway house stay i failed out and was sent to county jail during that time my set probation ended.. and i still on probation? its...

    Lea’s Answer

    1.) To find out whether you are still on probation, you can contact the county probation office (if you are in Pittsburgh and your probation was in Allegheny County, check out the link below).

    2.) If you are in the process of restoring your license, get a copy of your restoration letter if you haven't already. It is possible that even if you have completed your probation, PENNDOT may not have the forms they need to prove that you fulfilled the restoration requirements.

    If you run into any trouble, you may want to contact an attorney experienced in handling driver's license restorations.

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  • What are the procedures for filing a PCA post conviction appeal?

    In Pa, after receiving a guilty verdict by a judge on a bench trial, and a superior court affirmed the conviction, the supreme court denied hearing the case. How much time do I have for filing a Post Conviction Appeal ? Does the judge appoint my c...

    Lea’s Answer

    You have one year from the date the judgment becomes final (which is one year after the last day you could have filed an appeal of the PA Supreme Court's denial of appeal to the US Supreme Court).

    To file a PCRA Petition, you can do it by yourself or hire an attorney to do it for you. If you are indigent, you have the right to have an attorney represent you for your first PCRA action. Therefore, if you are indigent, the court will appoint an attorney for your first PCRA. I recommend that you consult an attorney with experience handling PCRAs as soon as possible.

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  • I want to apply to medical school and eventually become a spine surgeon

    i have a past felony drug conviction for manufacturing and delivering cocaine and criminal conspiracy should i not even waste my time or is worth my time to pursue this career as a surgeon..

    Lea’s Answer

    Before giving up on your medical career, you should look into getting a pardon. If you are successful in your pardon application, you will be able to get the conviction removed from your record.

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  • How long is probation on a first time offense of retail theft ?

    I just pleaded guilty to a retail theft case about a week ago. I have had a sentencing yet, but I will in May. I was ordered fines and restitution, and probation. How long will I be on probation ? I'm trying to move to chicago, can I do my probati...

    Lea’s Answer

    1.) The length of your probation will depend on whether you entered a plea to a misdemeanor or felony count of retail theft and the length of time the judge feels will be appropriate.

    2.) It is possible to transfer your probation supervision to Illinois. To get more information on this, contact your lawyer or the county probation office.

    I strongly urge you to discuss these matters with your attorney as soon as possible.

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