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Shollito vs. St. Clair Hospital

Case Conclusion Date: 11.01.2001

Practice Area: Medical malpractice

Outcome: Confidential Settlement

Description: We filed a case against a doctor and hospital for failing to diagnose our client's breast cancer. During the case, we discovered that our client had a mammogram which showed a nodule that the radiologist doctor determined was suspicious for cancer and he ordered a breast ultrasound to evaluate the nodule. The ultrasound showed a cyst (not cancer). The doctor concluded that the nodule and the cyst were one and the same, and that no follow-up was needed. We reviewed the mammograms and ultrasounds and determined that the cyst seen on the ultrasound was a different lesion than the nodule which was cancer. As a result, our client's breast cancer went undiagnosed and spread.

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