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Jerry I. Meyers

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  • Does an old will from 1985 have any standing?? or validity

    I was informed by my wife that her dad and her did a will in 2007 and then she passed in 2008 her dad comes to me and no hugs or tears but a hey Ted by the way there is no will and left?? how would he know there is no will?? I found it in another...

    Jerry’s Answer

    I am a medical malpractice lawyer in Penna. I have however some general knowledge of estate law to inform you that generally a past will is legally destroyed by the writing and execution of a subsequent will. The fact that your wife told you that she planned on writing a new will is of no effect unless the new will was actually written and signed. The State of Georgia is not corrupt. All the lawyers in the
    State of Georgia are not corrupt.

    You need to consult an estate lawyer in Georgia to determine whether the 1985 will is valid and can be submitted to probate. This lawyer can also advise you concerning the status of any rights your wife's estate may have as to your mother-in-law's will.

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  • How long does a wrongful death suit normally take?

    My grandfather was injured by a resident in an assistant living facility that lead to his death. A supervisor at the facility was not present to handle the situation. A lawsuit is pending. It has been 4 years and counting....

    Jerry’s Answer

    I gather from your question that you are represented by a lawyer in North Carolina. The fact that you post this question reflects a problem. You should have been informed and kept up to date by your lawyer concerning the progress of the litigation and the nature of and timing of events that need to be concluded to bring the matter to a successful conclusion. If you have been given reasons but you don't believe what you have been told, then you have developed a distrust of your lawyer. In either case you clearly have to air your concerns with your lawyer and reestablish a trusting relationship. you should call your lawyer and schedule an appointment or a telephone conference to begin this process. Though four years is a long time there may be good reasons why it has taken so long.

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