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  • What To Do If You're Stopped By Police

    If youre stopped by police, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot) suggests that you do the following for your safety and the safety of others: -Activate your turn signal and drive as close as safely possible to the right edge of the road, stop, and park your veh...

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  • 5 Common PFA Misconceptions

    Many people have misconceptions about Protection From Abuse (PFA) orders. As a result, they might accept a PFA instead of fighting it. Or they might violate the PFA unknowingly, resulting in criminal charges. Protect yourself by reading Spivak Law Firms five most common PFA misco...

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  • 10 Ways for PFA Defendants to Avoid Arrest

    Violating a PFA can result in criminal charges with a maximum punishment of six months in jail.Here are 10 tips for helping PFA defendants avoid criminal penalties: 1. Do not drive past the plaintiffs residence. 2. Avoid all places where you know the plaintiff goes. 3. Leave a re...

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  • PFA Do's and Don't's

    If youve been served with a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order in Pennsylvania, protect your future by following this important list of PFA Dos and Donts: Do Hire an Experienced PFA Defense Lawyer: In many Pennsylvania counties, PFA plaintiffs are entitled to a free lawyer. PFA de...

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  • What To Do If You're Stopped for a DUI in Pennsylvania

    If you are stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances in Pennsylvania, protect your legal rights by following these tips: Treat the Arresting Officer with Courtesy and Respect It may seem obvious, but behaving badly during a DUI o...

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  • Served with a PFA in Pittsburgh? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

    In Pennsylvania, a restraining order is commonly known as a PFA, which stands for Protection From Abuse. A PFA is a powerful tool that can ruin a person's life. The five most common mistakes made by people served with a PFA are:

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  • Tips for Winning Social Security Disability Benefits

    Winning Social Security Disability benefits isn’t easy. There is endless red tape. You may have to appear before a judge. You may have to appeal your case several times to a higher court. It can take years. Here are some tips for winning the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve:

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