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Veronica Ann Richards

About Veronica Richards

About me

Veronica Richards is both an Attorney and a Nurse- Practitioner. She understands both the medical and legal aspects of your case and knows which medical professionals to ask the correct questions. Suing a doctor is not something she rushes into, she takes it very seriously.

In addition to the ability to review medical documents and understand the jargon used by health care professionals, Veronica Richards regularly consults with recognized physicians and specialists, as well as nurses for input in evaluating your treatment, your future recovery and your need for future medical services.

Because of her strong belief in holding physicians and medical professionals accountable to the patients they treat, and mistreat, she is very selective about the cases she agrees to take. Her clients generally come to her with the most severe types of injuries and suffer some long-term disability as a result of medical negligence. Over the course of a year, Attorney Richards may review 250-300 cases; but in order to give her clients the attention they deserve, she takes only a small percentage. Attorney Richards recognizes that many of the cases she declines to take do have merit, so she will do what she can to help you get representation from other attorneys.

When you meet with Veronica Richards, you can be assured that she won't put pressure on you to do what you're not willing to do. She will explain how she can help you and then move forward with her investigation-all at no charge to you.

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