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Miller v. McLaughlin

Case Conclusion Date: 02.22.2008

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Settled for full policy limits

Description: The Plaintiff sustained a serious injury to his knee when the public bus on which he was standing was struck by Defendant's motor vehicle. Plaintiff was initially diagnosed with a torn meniscus, and underwent arthroscopic repair. During rehabilitation, plaintiff sustained a tear to his ACL, which the defense denied was causally related to the motor vehicle collision. Plaintiff eventually underwent a total knee replacement as a combined result of the torn ACL and severe degenerative disease in his knee. The defense denied the knee replacement was causally related to the motor vehicle collision. After fighting through two years of constant delays by the insurance company and defense attorney, we were finally able to place this case on the trial calendar. Once that happened, the insurance company paid every penny of the inusrance limits available to the plaintiff.

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