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People v. Uruburu

Case Conclusion Date: 06.21.1991

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: Felony DWI dismissed

Description: In 1989, Mr. Fiandach's investigation disclosed a witness to "lot switching" in the manufacture of DWI Breathalyzer® ampoules. His Rochester hearings were the basis upon with the New York City Criminal Court suppressed Breathalyzer® tests in People v. Serrano, 142 Misc2d 1087. His 1991 appellate victory in People v. Uruburu, 169 AD2d 20, reversed the order of the Monroe County Court (Wisner. J., presiding) and mandated suppression in an untold number of DWI cases statewide (see e.g., People v. Sperber 199 AD2d 725).

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