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Mark Claude Chauvin-Bezinque

Mark Chauvin-Bezinque’s Legal Guides

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  • Some Judges Directing Grounds Trials Under New Law

    In mid-2010 I wrote that grounds trials were largely relegated to the dustbin of history with the new no-fault law. I was wrong.

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  • New Temporary Spousal Maintenance Standard

    The passage of the no-fault bill was accompanied by two other significant changes to the divorce law in New York. One was a change in how the allocation of attorney fees is decided, and the other was passage of a formula-based approach to temporary spousal maintenance, which is e...

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  • Modification of Child Support Orders

    With all the attention to the bills signed by Governor Patterson regarding divorce grounds, maintenance and attorneys fees, another bill was passed on July 16, 2010 which made some sweeping changes to modification of child support. The changes affect only agreements or orders ent...

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  • New Rebuttable Presumption of Attorney’s Fees

    Another of the changes effective on October 12, 2010 concerns awards of attorneys fees in actions for divorce, maintenance, child support, custody, visitation or enforcement. Under the old law, the standard rule for attorneys fees is that each party pays their own, unless it is a...

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  • New York's New No-Fault Statute

    Effective October 12, 2010, New York joined the other 49 states allowing divorce to proceed without fault. In all but the most extreme cases of misconduct, marital fault cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment, adultery does not affect the division of assets or spousal support...

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