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Todd J W Wisner

About Todd Wisner

About me

At Wisner & Wisner, LLP DWI Defense is All We Do.®

In fact it is all we have done for decades. Two lawyers with collectively 70 years of criminal trial experience Wisner & Wisner stands as one of the first law firms in the United States to focus its law practice on DWI Defense alone.  My father and I have more experience in DWI Defense than any two attorneys in any law firm in New York State.  If you do your reseach you will see this.


I have been representing the citizen accused of DWI since 1994.  I have been defended DWI clients and attended national DWI seminars when some of our competitors were learning algebra in high school.  I was the first New York State attorney to be trained at the NPAS factory of the BAC Datamaster.  I was one of the first two New York State attorneys to be trained in field sobriety testing.  I was the first New York State attorney to be certified as a field sobriety testing instructor.


I would be happy to stand by any negative client feedback.  As long as I knew it was an actual client. I believe some negative feedback may be from a competitor.


We have a small law firm where our clients receive individual attention.  They are not represented by young attorneys out of law school or with a few years as a prosecutor.  Rather they are represented by a lawyer who has been defending the accused of DWI for twenty years.  The negative feedback on this site is so far afield from the feedback we receive on a daily basis I know it is untrue.


How do i know this?  I know this because I personally go to court with my clients and handle each suppression hearing and each trial.  I also have a record of every charge, every verdict and the date of every case.


I also know we have had only one dissatisfied client in over a decade who sued to get his money back and a panel of judges and civilians found in our favor and actually ruled that the client owed us more money.  


We haven't had a dissatisfied client in years.


Todd J.W. Wisner



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