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Karl Martin Myles

Karl Myles’s Answers

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  • Is there a difference between ACD and being found not guilty after trial?

    I keep getting denied employment because of pending misdemeanor charges and I'm supposed to get ACD for both of them and I wanted to know if everything will be cleared from my record and background after the ACD? Is it the same as being found not ...

    Karl’s Answer

    These are still open cases so that is why you are being flagged as your charges are still "pending." After the ACD time period passes the charges will be dismissed. Having criminal charges dismissed is better then being found not guilty after trial. This has to do with the Legal Burden of Proof. "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" is not beyond all doubt. Now compare this with having all charges against you being dismissed. O.J. Simpson was found Not Guilty in his criminal case and liable in his civil case. Why? Well one reason was that the burden of proof was lower.

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  • Will I get a fine or charge for under age drinking ?

    On Thursday I had a little too much to drink and I had to go to the hospital. An ambulance picked me up and police also arrived. I don't remember what the police said but it's been 5 days and I haven't heard from the police and only the hospital h...

    Karl’s Answer

    It seems that since so much time has passed and the police have not issued a summons or contacted you since the incident, this time you will not be charged. However, you need to take this lesson to heart and not repeat such silly, unhealthy and possibly illegal behavior. If you need professional help get it don't wait until you kill someone or kill yourself.

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