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Lakeshore of NY, LLC

Case Conclusion Date: 11.14.2012

Practice Area: Landlord-tenant

Outcome: Settled

Description: After withholding rents for one year, senior mobile home tenants in Newstead, NY reached a settlement with their landlord. Fifty tenants of the Quarry Hill Mobile Home Park began withholding their rents and water charges through their attorney, Robert Friedman of Friedman & Ranzenhofer, PC in December, 2011. They alleged unsafe and unsanitary conditions in the park consisting of 120 homes. The owner, Lakeshore NY, LLC of Illinois, began eviction proceedings in Newstead, NY Town Court for nonpayment of rent and water charges . The eviction action was vigorously defended by Mr. Friedman, an expert on landlord-tenant law. The settlement agreement, filed with the court, discontinues the evictions. It also discontinues the tenants’ claims for breach of the warranty of habitability. The owner is required to make repairs to the septic system and driveways and provide adequate lighting for the roadways and common areas.

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