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Jeffrey M. Freedman

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  • My Chapter 7 was dismissed. Can I refile another case or reopen the dismissed case?

    I tried to file my own Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but the case was dismissed due to the fact that I didn't properly file the schedules. Can I re-file another Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Do I have to re-open the case? How do I go about doing this? I live ...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    I suggest you meet with a very good bankruptcy attorney.
    If you go on the site you will find lawyers who are in the bankruptcy court everyday.
    There is a good chance you will be able to file a new case.
    With all the rules of the new Bankruptcy regulations its easy to miss a deadline.
    Collect all of your materials and make an appointment with an attorney who is a member of NACBA.
    I am sure they will take good care of you.
    And say jeffrey freedman from buffalo ny sent you.

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  • I took out a loan and my car was collateral, i lost my job and i filed for bankruptcy it was dismissed how do i stop them taking

    the creditor sent a guy to try and get it but i wouldnt let them.How do i stop them from taking my vehicle which is a salvaged car

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    If you can find another job and obtain a steady source of income you may be able to file chapter 13.
    Chapter 13 will allow you to obtain an automatic stay and the creditor wont be able to take your car.
    But to be eligible for chapter 13 you need to be able to make the plan payments.

    If you can't afford to file chapter 13 you may be able work out an arrangement directly with the creditor. Since the car is a salvage car and you make the creditor aware of that, they may consent to a payment arrangements.

    If the car is taken , the lender will sell the vehicle at an auction and since its a salvage vehicle you might be able to buy the vehicle at the auction for a nominal amout.

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  • I fell off a roof working under the table and hurt my back, now he wont pay us if I go to the doctor and wants me tosign release

    This guy turns out is not a contractor but has people working for him hourly and piece work on different job sites .now he said that he is just a homeowner and he is not responsilable for anyone getting hurt at the homes he is working on. I can ba...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    Get to personal injury attorney immediately. You may have a claim for your injuries. There are statute of limitations that apply to various causes of action so it's important that you have a consultation with a injury lawyer.

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  • Can a child get both child support and social security disability payments?

    My ex-husband, had a stroke in October 2010 and hasn't made a child support payment since December 2010. ( I received partial payment for the month). He was just adwarded social security disability and our 2 children ages 12 & 18 have already rec...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    I have seen many cases where a child collects social security and is also entitled to the full amount of child support from a parent.
    How social security and support interplay with each other depends on the state that you live in.
    Its best to consult with an attorney who handles family law where you reside.

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  • Do I need a lawyer now to deal with the judgement against me and attempt to appeal or settle

    I had a judgement against me in a debt collection case. I was in court and presented my side of the story which led the judge to reduce the amount of debt. What should I do now. Do i call the attorney for the debt collector to reach an agreement o...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    Once you fall behind on a debt your credit record is marked for 7 years.
    Here you fell behind and were sued.
    There was a court hearing and a judgment was entered against you.
    This history of these events will most likely appear on your credit record for 7 years.
    Once the judgment is entered the creditor's attorney will look for assets to satisfy the judgment.
    What you should do now will depend on your circumstances.
    You can try to work out a repayment arrangement.
    If you have multiple debts you may wish to consult with an attorney about all your options.

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  • I am a stay at home mom that had a 2000 dollar debt that was not paid and has since turned into 8000. now bank levy

    I have a joint bank account that was frozen this Friday. 5000 of what was in the bank was from a settlement for my son who was mauled by a neighbors bull mastiff. IT is not my money it is my childs. The remaining is my husbands' from his job. We...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    I suggest you retain an attorney immediately.
    The law assumes that funds in an account are jointly owned by the people whose names are on the account.
    But the presumption may be rebuttable.
    If you can prove that the funds are owned by your child and your husband and not you, its possible to have the account released.
    It will not be easy and you will probably have an uphill battle.
    Get an appointment with an attorney immediately.

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  • Can u get hit with a DUI over 24 hours later after an accident?

    I hit a parked car and i drank a beer before i hit it. i am under 21 but the person who i hit bought me the beer. he is threatening to take me to court so that i can get a hit and run (even though i didn't run and we discussed it for a while and h...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    You want to have a consulation with an attorney right away just in case you are charged.
    It is possible that you can be ticketed after an event if the police have proof you commited the offense.
    Anything you say about the incident can be used against you in court. So dont blog about this or discuss the incident except with your attorney.

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  • How can I put a lien on my son's house due to unpaid debt with him in agreement?

    the house is in Florida

    Jeffrey’s Answer

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    Your son would need to sign a note and a mortgage.
    The mortgage would then need to be recorded.
    That would put a lien on your son's property.
    To secure a mortgage on his home you would need his consent.
    You should also have a lien search run to find out what other liens are already on his property.
    The title company or an attorney should be able to help you with this.

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  • My ex husband was recently granted SSDI and I received a lump sum payment for my dependant children for 3 years back.

    The amount I received from Social Security for the past 3 years exceeds the arrears he owes me by a substantial amount. Once we go to court and he gets absolved of the arrears (assuming he does we live in NJ), how will the overage I received be ha...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

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    The money your children receive on account of their father's disability is paid to them under the Social Security regulations. This money belongs to you and the children and is to be used for their support. In many instances, the proceeds from Social Security would not change the father's duty to pay support to his children. I would check with officials from the Family Court where you reside or seek legal advice from an attorney in the city where you reside. It's very possible the father's debt for support might not be reduced by the social security benefits.

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