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Liam G. B. Murphy

Liam Murphy’s Legal Guides

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  • Understanding living wills and health care proxies

    What is a living will? Many people get confused about whether they need a health care proxy or a living will. A lot of people get confused about whether they need both. The answer is not short be

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  • Understanding New York Family Court

    Overview Custody, visitation, modification. Family Court, Support Court, Divorce Court. Matters in these courts raise emotional issues no one wants to have to air in a courtroom. You may go your w

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  • Collaborative Law: a new way to resolve disputes

    Overview Most people are already aware of three traditional ways to resolve disputes: negotiation, mediation and litigation. Negotiation Negotiation is a two-way conversation. You can always negotia

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  • Estate Planning - probate? tax? what?

    How can I give assets away when I die? There are three ways: 1) you can "jointly title" your assets - establish in writing that there are two owners. Generally, you jointly title large items like ho

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