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David Lawrence Ganje

David Ganje’s Legal Guides

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  • IT and Security Best Practices

    Does your company have a computer usage policy in place, and if so, is it adequate to protect the company? As technology advances and business innovations are moving into a universal electronic age, business security policies and practices must evolve accordingly. With virtually ...

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  • Employer Access to Employee Text and Social Media Communications

    Employer access to employee text message and social networking communications is both a new and controversial issue challenging todays Courts. What most dont realize is that the in City of Ontario v. Quon the United States Supreme Court seemingly paved the way for employers (at l...

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  • Commercial Lease checklist

    Rent An annual minimum monthly or annual rent amount should be included. For many businesses the amount of rent will be a formula based on a percentage of sales or traffic. This term should also in

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  • Limited Liability Operating Agreement Creation Guide

    This guide explains the key points that every operating agreement should include.

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  • The Taxman Never Sleeps - He Just Stays On His Computer

    A large part of the 21st century business world is the information-based service economy. Business communications and business transactions move at Mach speed in our computer-based service economy. Unfortunately, the taxman is not traveling far behind. Computer software is but t...

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