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Jennifer Rose Sunderlin

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  • Needed a lawyer asap

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela

    Having a issue in family court with the father having a lawyer and me given one that did not understand the whole situation . It appeared to me that he did not have my best interest addressed sufficiently. My mom couldn't understand the unfairness and disrespect that was happening to me.
    She immediately went on line to Avvo checking out specific lawyers . Jennifer was who she said I needed with all the investigating she did . She was right with just one appearance on my behalf was able to balance out the indifference and clear up the issues I was having not being represented accordingly by a well qualified attorney. I would strongly recommend Jennifer if you are in need of a highly skilled fast and efficient lawyer .
    Thank you so much Jennifer

    Hired attorney
  • Tenacious and caring

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Liz

    Jennifer Sunderlin helped me navigate the world of same-sex union prior to the SCOTUS decision that changed legal standing for same-sex couples on a federal level. Jen is personable, caring, and unrelenting in her advocacy for her clients. If I ever need anything related to family law in the future, Jen will be my first call!

  • Child Custody/Relocation Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jolene

    Jennifer Sunderlin is a knowledgable, resourceful professional who not only got me the outcome I desired, but also kept me informed, and helped me to remain calm through this difficult time. I would highly recommend Mrs. Sunderlin for anyone, man or woman, who needs a resourceful go getter with a heart!

  • Client letter of displeasure is billable hours--plus a rude response as well!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I would actually like to talk to the Better Business Bureau to find out if it is ethical to charge a client for writing *to* the lawyer a letter of complaint, and getting billed for reading that letter and for writing a response. It's certainly rude. It's certainly insult to injury. And (!), our family only lives on SSI and child support. Billable hours for complaints--a new low for lawyers :-( .

    One of the things I wrote in the letter to say why I was displeased was the complete lack of communication. She told me that that's how she helps save money for people like me (to fail to communicate). She DID have the time to write her full explanation to my complaints, but not the time to make a strategy.

    My case was more complicated than the cut-and-dry, cut-and-paste legal formalities: it involved pressing the father to pay for out-of-network health coverage for the children. Instead of learning that health insurance _does not cover_ this illness (I have a friend who has to take her daughter to either Boston or to Westchester County for help), she repeatedly asked, "WHY are you going out-of-network?" I did it to care for these children.

    She didn't like my case, so she didn't work well for it. If this lawyer doesn't like your case up front, do NOT stick with her. But....given the lack of communication, just...don't do it... A one-word yes or no follow-up via phone or email could have be responsible ***and respectful** legal use of time and money. If you don't have money, she doesn't do it. And she and her office don't take constructive criticism--AT ALL.

    Not only did she not believe in the validity of my case, she was rude in communication from the get-go. I was assigned this lawyer from the firm because she would be the 'cheapest'. She certainly cost me more of my health, and lost me faith in humans--the consistent disrespect was exhausting.

    This case involved a negotiation with the ex. She came completely unprepared, which she herself referred to when she told me the surprising offer that the ex gave for legal fees (she only knew April's legal fees and not January through May).

    She prepared for negotiations **without me*** and the night before and day of. WHEN I COMPLAINED -- that that was unprofessional and that that hurt my health (I'm on SSI, yes?), I ***got billed for writing a letter of complaint and for her writing a response to me.***.

    Is she intelligent? Yes. Is she knowledgeable about the law? Yes. If you have a cut-and-dry case, go for it. Be sure to get emotional support while working with her however--moreso than in other legal / divorce-type actions. Her framework is highly negative and is always about worst-case scenerio. In fact, that IS the thing that she shoots for -- and gets: worst case. She's good for that.

    Jennifer Rose Sunderlin’s response: “I recall your case and our experience though you did not sign this comment. I pride myself on being a direct attorney. I very much respect the retainer funds that people provide to my office, which is why I strive to outline all of the risks and benefits of litigation. When we first met, you had already filed two pro se support petitions, neither of which met the required legal standards or had proper evidentiary support were they to proceed to trial. I explained to you the law relative to your petitions, and outlined the documentation and assistance that I would need from you to best present your case. It was clear that you were displeased by the legal standard by which your petitions would be assessed, and the burden of proof you had to meet to succeed---your disappointment upset me too, because on a personal level it was clear to me that you were a dedicated mother doing the right thing for your children. I cannot change the law. I do not foster unreasonable expectations in my clients. It was known to me that you are living with a traumatic brain injury, and manage various physical and mental health issues. I also provided you with information regarding a reduced-cost legal clinic program which may be able to assist you if you did not want me to represent you; you declined. I do bill for my services, including all client correspondence. Respecting your finances, I tried to keep my communication with you clear and direct, and to limit my time to matters directly relevant to your case. You ignored my advice, and failed to cooperate in obtaining necessary documentation for your case which you represented that you had. Never was I unprepared for court. You were always treated by me and my office with empathy and respect. On your behalf and without a trial, I was able to negotiate a very favorable settlement whereby you received an increase in child support, payment for documented medical expenses owed, a provision for payment of out of network healthcare services, and even an award of attorney fees, none of which would have been possible at trial. You accepted this settlement at court and represented that you were pleased at that time. I am sorry that you are unhappy now with this favorable result.”
  • Attorney Jennifer Sunderlin

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Attorney Sunderlin has been working with our family for the past few years on personal child-custody related issues. She has always been professional in her personal dealings with us regarding this case as well as in court proceedings. I have appreciated her experience and knowledge of the issues of our case as well as her ability to efficiently network with community resources as needed at various times during our case.

  • Generous, Supportive, highly professional and kind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    Mrs. Sunderlin has exceeded my expectations. Mrs. Sunderlin is an excellent attorney who prides herself on being thorough, practical and punctual. Mrs. Sunderlin works diligently for her clients making me feel as if I am her only client. Mrs. Sunderlin works hard for her clients.

    Hire Her!

  • country client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by dave

    Jen stuck with me through thick and thin in a MISERABLE custody battle (is there any other kind??) spanning years and litigation in at least 3 different counties, dealing with uncaring Law Guardians and bizarre and ill conceived decisions from the Court. In each instance, she was well prepared for Court and was excellent in Motion Practice, ultimately winning several key points. Her negotiation skills are excellent, as was her professionalism and compassion throughout this horrible ordeal.