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Cheryl Lynn Fratello

Cheryl Fratello’s Legal Guides

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    ___ POWER OF ATTORNEY A Power of Attorney is a legal document that designates someone to handle your financial and legal affairs during your life, particularly in event of incapacity. ___ HEALTH CARE PROXY A Health Care Proxy is a legal document that permits you to name an agent...

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  • Should You Have a Living Trust?

    Living trusts have received a lot of attention lately. There are few of us who have not received an invite in the mail to attend a seminar that promotes living trusts. Do you know if you should consider using a living trust in your estate plan? A living trust is a legal document ...

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  • What is Probate?

    In New York State, probate is a process by which a decedents Last Will and Testament is presented to a court in order that the court may establish its validity. One of the goals of the probate process is usually the issuance of Letters Testamentary to an executor (most frequentl...

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  • Don't Be Surprised at Closing: Home Buyer's Costs in New York

    Before you purchase a home in New York, you should have knowledge of the costs involved so that there are no surprises at your closing. Homebuyers are often caught off guard by unexpected lenders fees. You should keep in mind the following fees before buying a home: Balance Due...

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  • Important Steps When Buying a Home in New York

    Youve found a new home and you are ready to buy, now what? As with any purchase, you should know what you are buying and understand the process for transferring ownership. Highlighted below are important steps to the purchase of your new home. Inspections Once you have identifie...

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  • Housing Options for Seniors

    In the past, aging seniors had few housing options when a need for care arose stay at home or go to a nursing home. Today, seniors have many more housing options that offer varying levels of care. As we age, our level of independence decreases and our medical needs increase. Eac...

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  • 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Broker

    Is the broker licensed? In New York State, a broker must be licensed. A broker cannot collect a commission fee unless currently licensed. Will you be dealing with an agent or a broker? Most often, s

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