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Luz Cardeno v. John Potter (Postmaster General of the United States of America)

Case Conclusion Date: 02.25.2010

Practice Area: Discrimination

Outcome: Plaintiff verdict for $33,000.00

Description: Luz Cardeno was a Flexible Part Time Mail Clerk for the US Postal Service. After complaining about disparate treatment and filing an EEOC Complaint, the original issue was settled and Luz who had separated from the USPS because of the treatment, returned to a new post office. Nearly immediately after her return, the USPS through their managerial staff began to retaliate against her denying her the opportunity to earn her full complement of hours as well as other failures. Luz had started the law suit herself and the complaint limited what could be established on her behalf and how much she could sue for, however she did receive a Plaintiff's verdict in the sum of THIRTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($33,000.00) over 11 times the amount offered at settlement. Further when attorney's fees are figured in, the full cost to the USPS was over Eighty Thousand Dollars $80,000.00). --

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