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People v. J. Grieco

Case Conclusion Date: 02.12.2006

Practice Area: Violent crime


Description: Ms. Greco was charged by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office with Assault with a Dangerous egg!! She was accused of acting in concert with 4 others with throwing an egg from a moving vehicle and it negligently hitting a child in the face, cracking and a piece of shell damaging the child's eye causing a permanent loss of some eyesight. Our argument was that the egg was not a dangerous instrument, nor was this so negligent as to rise to the level of a misdemeanor much less a felony. Our office convened a mock grand jury and prepared the client to testify in her own defense. The three other boys, all entered pleas to a misdemeanor assault. Our client went to the Grand Jury and convinced them that her act and that of the others was nothing more than a terrible accident. The grand jury found her innocent. They found there was NO PROBABLE CAUSE to find a crime.

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