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People v. Joshua Bastien

Case Conclusion Date: 11.30.2007

Practice Area: Violent crime

Outcome: Plea of Guilty to a lesser charge

Description: Joshua was accused of selling 5 handguns over the course of 2 years to an undercover police officer. He had been set up by a relative. The Prosecution requested a Five year sentence. The court looked at Joshua's lack of a prior record, his relationship to the confidential informant, the level of police misconduct and the support of Joshua and his friends family and neighbors as well as a very positive pre-plead report prepared by the defense team's expert as well as a strong Defendant's presentence report written and presented by Anthony J. Colleluori resulted in a sentence of 1 year in jail as opposed to a Five year Prison sentence. Josh is up for work release and we are presently preparing a report to the NY Corrections Department seeking reinstatement of that program.

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