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  • Can my reckless driving (misdemeanor) get knocked down?

    i got pulled over for going too fast on sunrise hwy, i was going east and the cop was on the other side of the hwy, i have no idea of how he pulled me over, and he told me i was going too fast. but he didn't say how fast i was going nor put how fa...

    Michael’s Answer

    Assuming that it's vtl 1212 it would be assigned to a court with criminal jurisdiction like the district court.

    Plea bargains are avaliable in the discretion of the prosecutor.

    Inquire of an knowledgeable attorney.

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  • This morning driving to work I got a citation.

    The cop pulled me over and asked why I was going so fast and I responded by telling him I was late for work. I know it was the dumbest answer I could have given. He said I was was going 96 in 50mph zone on a parkway. I've never been cited before. ...

    Michael’s Answer

    46 over the limit is a lifetime of tickets in one incident.

    11 points and significant monetary penalties plus a strong possibility of a suspension.

    Inquire of an attorney.

    Good luck.

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  • Speeding ticket w. Points, no lawyer, court tomorrow.

    Suppose someone was speeding and given a ticket with points. While driving behind an unmarked police car, then going around it to get a head in traffic. Tomorrow morning is the court date and having a lawyer present is probably too late now. How t...

    Michael’s Answer

    Self help is not the best way to proceed. Inquire if a local attorney.

    Note. There is no rushing to help exception in the speeding laws

    Best of luck.

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  • How much do you charge for a cell phone ticket defense?

    How much do you charge for a cell phone ticket defense?

    Michael’s Answer

    Lawyers on this cite can not offer their device. You can communicate privately with any lawyer you choose and ask any specific questions you have.

    Good luck

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  • Received Traffic Ticket for holding my cell phone while on a stop light in Downtown, NYC

    I was driving out of Holland Tunnel in NYC and was on Laight Street on my way to West Street, Downtown, NYC. I was on the stop light and just picked up my cell phone to see the distance and location for my destination as I was using Google GPS. ...

    Michael’s Answer

    Under 1225d in motion is the standard (for passenger vehicles).

    NY points transfer to NJ and it is my understanding that each ticket out of state carries 3 points.

    You should consider hiring an attorney.

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  • Entered ticket number online to pay it, was told the ticket was not entered to database yet.

    Only have 15 days to respond to the ticket but it says it will take up to 45 days to see if ticket is entered should i be worried?

    Michael’s Answer

    Tickets appear in the NYS online system at different unpredictable schedules. You can choose to be notified when it does hit the system. It also will issue a receipt to prove that you tried to answer. But make sure you are entering the information accurately.

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  • Will the points transfer to my NYS license? Will the points affects my insurance?

    I've got a speed ticket overspeeding 17mph (I drove 82 at 65limit). And I've got 2 options: (1) to pay $150 for application fee and to take defensive driving course (2) to pay $93 for mandatory surcharge and fine, which is undetermined yet a...

    Michael’s Answer

    A. There is no such thing as an international license. NY will honor foreign licenses from many countries depending on your visa/ immigration status.

    If you have a driving record in your name if and when you secure a NY license your points will transfer based upon your name and Dob.

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  • Am I supposed to turn in my registration or is it okay as long as I'm not driving the car? What are the penalties? Thanks

    I needed to renew my registration but could not due to my vehicle failing the inspection. My registration has been expired for one month now, I am not driving the vehicle and I have it off the street. I read that there are some pretty heavy fines...

    Michael’s Answer

    If you have a registration make sure you maintain insurance or you will suffer far worse consequences.

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  • I got a speeding ticket, 80 in a 40. What can I expect in court?

    Received a speeding ticket in NY, going 80 in a 40. The court I have been assigned to is Queens South. I am a NJ resident. I don't know how courts work in NY, because in NJ I have opportunity to plead down. Is that the case in NY? What should I ex...

    Michael’s Answer

    40 over is 8 points and significant fines and assessments. It's very serious and could result in a suspension.

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  • I got a traffic ticket in NY that has 2 points, I haven't had points on my license since 18 & I'm 35 from NJ, can I go to court?

    I got stopped by a police and received a ticket after I made a right on a stop sign that I guess meant to say "Only buses can turn and cars at certain times of the day" the sign was very confusing though because it had times of the day on the sign...

    Michael’s Answer

    It sounds like a violation of 1110a. That's a violation and Carries 2 points in NyS. IN NYC a not guilty plea gets you a trial at the DMV court where the officer will testify and the only possibilities are guilty or not guilty. As noted By others it carries points in NJ as well.

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