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Neal A. Goldstein

Neal Goldstein’s Legal Guides

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  • Don't Forget These 3 Items When Looking For A Trip, Slip and Fall Lawyer

    Experience Counts Sounds simple enough but many lawyers simply are not forthright and some can be dishonest. Ask the lawyer how many 'fall" cases he has handles in the last two years. If he handled 1

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  • If you have a claim for personal injuries and you are married ask your lawyer about the following:

    Not Every Accident Warrants A Spousal Claim Yes potentially every personal injury claim could have a spousal loss of services component to it but you may not want to bring that claim for a smaller ca

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  • Secrets to a Successful RailRoad Employee Accident Case

    Remember that your adversary is your employer This would not ordinarily be an issue for most injured parties who are hurt on the job since most people cant sue their employer. However since railroad

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