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People v. "Mickey" Bauer

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.1983

Practice Area: Violent crime

Outcome: Robbery conviction of Police Officer

Description: Police Officer from Nassau County, NY, charged with robbing his own bank in Suffolk County. The case was tried three (3) times. The first time was by the famous criminal defense attorney John Sutter and was overturned on Appeal. The second was tried by Theodore W. Robinson to a hung jury that took five days to deliberate (the longest in the history of Suffolk County at that time) before ending the case in a mistrial. The third trial was by Theodore Robinson and it ended in a conviction after four days of deliberations. Despite the fact that he was innocent (in my opinion) of the charges, he served time and was never heard from again. This was a miscarriage of justice in my opinion, but is included to give a full explanation of my trials for balance purposes. Even some innocent people can be convicted. Even a cop. This was one of the hardest cases to reconcile in my mind as a defense attorney and was a heart breaker. It ended his marriage and his freedom for a period of time.

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