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People v. Mayweather - Not Guilty After Trial

Case Conclusion Date: 04.09.1986

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty after extensive trial

Description: Mayweather was charged with Sale of a Controlled Substance, to wit: Crack Cocaine. He was arrested inside of a so-called Crack House with a number of other people who were also charged with possession. He had already been convicted of Drug Sales before and he was offered 3-6 years in jail. He refused all offers and insisted upon a trial. After an extensive trial, he was acquitted of all charges. It seems he was a working man and knew about the Crack House and thought after a long week of work, he'd just stop in and get some sex for a few bucks to satisfy a crack whore who was staying there. Unfortunately for him, the police raided the house at that very time and he was caught up in the raid and becaue of his history as a crack dealer in the past, they immediately arrested him and prosecuted him.

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