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Rudolf J. Karvay

Rudolf Karvay’s Legal Guides

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  • Online Wills Made Safer With Attorney Review - Virtual Law Firms

    There are many web sites offering do-it-yourself wills online. Although these legal form sites offer quick low cost legal documents and wills, they are not law firms and cannot provide true legal services, such as legal advice. A few years ago, your only alternative to a do-it-yo...

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  • Are You Responsible for Your Deceased Relative's Debts?

    If you have a relative who has died with outstanding debts, this guide will help you understand what that debt means for you.

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  • Estate Executor's Guide

    What is an Executor or Administrator? The executor or administrator is the individual appointed to administer a decedent's estate. An executor or administrator is under a fiduciary duty to estate. W

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  • How to Settle a Small New York Estate Without Going to Court

    How Does It Work? New York State law permits you to settle a small estate without the need to file papers in court and with little or no legal fees. You may collect, without court intervention, mone

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