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Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty Verdict

Description: UPDATE - NOT GUILTY VERDICT IN MURDER TRIAL IN BROOKLYN - After 5 1/2 days of deliberating, a Brooklyn jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on Murder and Weapons charges. Cross examination by defense attorney Deron Castro exposed the prosecutor's main witness as a government informant and former pimp. Without calling a single witness at the trial, the defense relied upon an attack on every aspect of the prosecutor's case and secured an acquittal of all charges for the client and avoided a life sentence. June 21, 2011 - Brooklyn Supreme Court UPDATE - BROOKLYN MAN FOUND NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES IN HIGH PROFILE ASSAULT CASE! "Defense attorney Deron Castro killed the witnesses with his cross examination" said a trial juror to NY Post. March 28, 2011 - Brooklyn Supreme Court - Client accused of beating 65 year old in head with wooden stick causing brain injury and requiring medically induced coma. Defense attorney Deron Castro attacked the story being told by the witnesses and argued that the client was indeed the victim of a brutal gay bashing. Although client faced a prison sentence of 25 years and was held on an immigration warrant, he was cleared of charges and released by immigration authorities within a few days. See See See See See See UPDATE - GUN CHARGES DISMISSED AGAINST CLIENT AFTER SUCCESFUL APPEAL April 26, 2011 - Queens Supreme Court - An appeals court in Brooklyn overturned gun convictions against a Queens man after deciding that police engaged in illegal police conduct. See UPDATE - ALL DRUG SALE CHARGES DISMISSED AGAINST QUEENS MAN AFTER MOTION FILED ATTACKING LEGITIMACY OF EVIDENCE PRESENTED TO GRAND JURY! February 24, 2011 - Queens Supreme Court - Client was arrested and charged with 9 sales of cocaine after a long term drug investigation was conducted by narcotics officers in NYPD. Without even going to trial, defense attorney Deron Castro managed to have all 9 separate drug sale charges dismissed against his client. After reviewing the motion to dismiss all charges filed by the defense, a Queens Supreme Court judge tossed out every charge in the indictment. UPDATE - CLIENT FACING 20 YEARS TO LIFE ON FEDERAL DRUG CONSPIRACY INVOLVING MORE THAN 150 KILOS OF COCAINE GETS REDUCED SENTENCE OF ONLY 60 MONTHS! After defense attorney Deron Castro made compelling arguments on behalf of a client in federal court, judge decided to disregard the recommendation of 20 years to life by the Dept. of Probation and agreed to a non-guidelines sentence of 60 months. December 14, 2010 - Eastern District of New York UPDATE - DEFENSE ATTORNEY DERON CASTRO PERSUADES FEDERAL JUDGE TO IMPOSE SENTENCE OF 60 MONTHS IN FEDERAL DRUG CONSPIRACY AND ROBBERY CASE DESPITE THE FACT THAT FEDERAL SENTENCING GUIDELINES REQUIRED SENTENCE OF 135 - 168 MONTHS! During a 2 1/2 hour hearing in federal court, defense attorney Deron Castro convinced a federal judge to disregard the suggested sentence range of 135 - 168 months and impose a much lighter sentence of 60 months where client was charged with drug conspiracy, robbery and gun possession. December 16, 2010 - Eastern District of New York

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