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Aashish Kumar Nangia

About Aashish Nangia

About me

I have been practicing law for 15 years and am a founding partner of Nangia & Kazansky, LLP. I am a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Brooklyn Bar Association, the New York City Bar Association Family Law Committee and a former subcommittee member for the Committee on the Judiciary.  I have also served as a screening committee member for the Kings County Family Court Assigned Counsel Panel. I focus primarily in the areas of Family and Matrimonial Law, but also dedicate a small part of my practice to general business and commercial litigation.


I am thoroughly versed in family law and have represented hundreds of clients from the initial stages of litigation through appeal. I am also an experienced trial attorney and have represented many clients, including children, in complex family court trials. My prior employment with the Administration for Children's Services, along with many years spent representing fathers, mothers, grandparents, and relatives, allows me to provide my clients with an unmatched level of expertise.


I believe that each client should be treated as an individual with particular needs and goals and always do my best to resolve cases as quickly as possible with an outcome that satisfies my clients. I treat each client with courtesy and respect, and pride myself on keeping my clients apprised on all aspects of their case. I make myself available to my clients and assure that no question goes unanswered. Most importantly, my interpersonal skills and dedication to my clients are second to none.


My clients benefit from my knowledge of the courts in which I practice. I am fully familiar with the many attorneys, judges, and staff, and can often forecast an outcome even before a case has been filed. This knowledge provides my clients with an invaluable benefit and advantage that is not available with many other attorneys.


Above all, I provide clients with practical, easy to understand advice and guidance. My first and foremost concern is to make sure that my clients feel comfortable in what is often a very turbulent and sensitive time in their lives. The last thing a client should be worried about is their attorney, and as such, I make every effort to make my relationship with my clients a partnership. I beleive in working together in order to achieve a positive and desired outcome.