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Irene Stein

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  • What do I do if the people I'm buying my home off of are not paying the property taxes as agreed?

    I make my monthly payments every month. It is written in my agreement that my payments include the taxes. The people I'm buying the house from are deliberately not paying the taxes. Will I lose my home because they are not paying?

    Irene’s Answer

    If seller not current on his/her Real Estate Taxes prior to the transfer of DEED:
    Unless there has been a Tax lien sale prior to your closing, your Title Company can collect the outstanding Taxes/Penalties from your seller and pay them to the City/County. If you have any questions, please visit us at www.Lawyer4Real or call my office at 718-375-3300.

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  • My vacation condo burned down i have no insurance on my condo itself but the complex has insurance but the insurance is

    declining to rebuild/payout. my complex is suing i wanted to know can i claim this on my taxes as a loss since its gone theres no structure or do i have to wait till the litigation is over. i wanted to know because if i calim it on my taxes i wou...

    Irene’s Answer

    If you do not have a CPA, you may want to consider contacting IRS directly.

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  • When you pay off your home, aren't you supposed to get the title?

    Wells Fargo said that the only person who gets the title is the town clerk. But my sister has the title to her house. What's up with this? How do I get my title?

    Irene’s Answer

    Dear, Here are the facts to clear up some of the confusion: When one owns a home (not a cooperative unit) in New York, such ownership is documented by a DEED. The DEED is given to a purchaser by seller at the closing. The DEED is then recorded by the Title Company in the County Clerks office. On the other hand, Title (Insurance) is provided to the purchaser at the closing by the Title Company who has conducted the searches and provided insurance. The satisfaction of mortgage is recorded by the lender after the loan is paid in full. If you have any questions, please visit www.Lawyer4RealEstate.Com or contact my office, Sincerely, Irene Stein, Esq.

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