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Inna Fershteyn

About Inna Fershteyn

About me

The Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates, P.C. is a small law firm offering quality legal representation to its clients.  Clients can look forward to personally dealing with attorney Inna Fershteyn, who augments her 16 years of legal experience with knowledge of current trends in estate planning, Medicaid fraud, and estate planning.


For many clients, Ms. Fershteyn is nothing short of a hero.  They consistently describe her as someone who will listen to their case in its entirety while strategizing the next optimal course of action to guide them through the legal process.  Inna accommodates clients from all walks of life, serving the elderly or those who have little or no legal expertise and have never dealt with an attorney in the past.


 Clients remember Ms. Fershteyn’s diligence and attention to details.  Whether clients need to provide financial security for their loved ones or to take an employer to court for discrimination in the workplace, Ms. Fershteyn is there.  Ms. Fershteyn and her staff eradicate civil disputes with a cool, underhanded approach that makes no enemies, yet takes no prisoners.


As one client attests:


 “My mom can be quite demanding and overwhelming with her criticism. And yet, I've heard nothing but good things about how attentive and professional both Mrs. Fershteyn and her staff have been while working with my parents. Mrs. Fershteyn was in constant contact throughout the entire process, always addressing their concerns and questions with patience... If it were not for her and her staff patience and professionalism, I'm sure I would have been the one to be pestered the entire time. On behalf of my parents and my sanity, I cannot recommend Mrs. Fershteyn's office enough.”


Company contact information:


Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates, P.C.

1517 Voorhies Ave, 4 Fl

Brooklyn, NY 11235

tel. 718-333-2394




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