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Matter of Tercjak

Case Conclusion Date: 09.28.2008

Practice Area: Child custody

Outcome: No Visitation Until Parenting Trainer Gets Paid

Description: A disaster of a case. I took over as the second attorney. Dad brings a proceeding to keep his two kids. Mom signs away kids. Forensics commence and the matter gets worse. Writ of Habeas Corpus regains visits between mom and the younger child, but child's attorney and court referee take that away on a motion. Trial goes nowhere, appeal goes nowhere and to date there are no parent-child contacts. This is a blown case because mom refused to pay a psychologist to be parentally trained. I got sanctioned multiple times: mainly for daring to make a motion against an appellate division child's attorney. However, the kids lost out on a youth in the company with their mother. At the core, the Referee referred the mom to a parenting trainer to teach mom how to better deal with her children. This meant there was no diagnosis requiring any therapy; there was only a fee to pay to the psych to see the kids again. The U.S. Supreme Court got the appeal from the printer two weeks late. That ended any chance of the mom in seeing her kids again pursuant to court order.

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