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Matter of Wright

Case Conclusion Date: 02.04.2008

Practice Area: Divorce and separation

Outcome: Supervised Visits Did not Destroy Father-Child

Description: Dad gets hit with divorce application. Mom works for a law office. Dad gets arrested for domestic violence and loses parenting time with the child. Court appoints a local supervised visitation center: a parasitic organization having the authority to unilaterally curtail visits. During each visit, the center's staff records every detail of the visit: the father's errors and omissions, statements about how he will bring the child broccoli for dinner if the child does not kiss him and so on. The local court appointed psychologist who has good academic credentials but having nearly zero practical experience agrees to the status quo. I was retained three months prior to trial and in three trips to Colorado (one for investigation, one for depositions and one for trial), restored the father's parenting time to ten days out of thirty plus vacations and holidays. Finances included a minor amount imputed, a small amount for temporary maintenance and a reasonable child support amount. The couple have not been back to court since.

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