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Rodriguez v Arroyo

Case Conclusion Date: 08.22.2008

Practice Area: Child custody

Outcome: Case Manipulation In Parent-Child Relationship

Description: I represented dad throughout the litigation. Mom absconds with child, filed support petition, order of protection petition and custodial petition. Dad takes back child stopping child support case. Defends successfully against order of protection. Appears on custodial case. Mom's sister falsely alleges criminal misdemeanor for which dad is acquitted: sues sister. During arrest, detective interferes with dad's call to me: detective and city get sued in federal court and dad wins. Mom awarded "custody" but the order of parenting percentages is nearly equal for both parents: the way it was for years and years hence no interruption in the child's access to both parents. No appeal is forthcoming and dad is delighted at the results. Detective and sister are not so happy.

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