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Wilson A. LaFaurie

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  • If I withdraw my Court Order of Protection against my boyfriend will he still have to face arrested for violating it?

    He sent me text messages after he was served.

    Wilson’s Answer

    When you say withdraw it? Do you mean sign a "waiver for dismissal" with the DA's office? Do you mean meet with the police department/assigned arresting officer to "recant" the allegations concerning the violation" or do you mean appear at his next court date a d request from the DA and defense counsel to make out a record regarding your interest on this matter.

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  • What department or office labels a case/convition to be Domestic Violence?

    I pleaded guilty to 120.00 (2). Based on what is a case label Domestic Violence? How is the intimate relationship determined? based on a statement, any document needed? I actually didn't have a intimate relationship with this person. how to argue ...

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    Well, this question is loaded with many legal possibilities, outcomes and results. Since you are now aware, the "labeling" of domestic violence can be at minimum a scarlet letter on your reputation and at worse can get you deported. I didnt mention the issue of incarceration because you already plead guilty based on how you asked your question. Moreover, it appears that you did not receive jail time. The category of "domestic violence" has changed over the last 15 years and it seems to the defense bar that each year it has broaden to encompass, live-in relations, child-in-common, family members, divorce relationships, etc. Your criminal record on the guilty plea of section 120.00 will only show an A misdemeanor on your rap sheet. However, an investigative body will see that an OOP was issued. That investigative body can have access to your "docket" which will reveal the DV component. Make sure to gather as much proof as possible demonstrating to immigration officials that the case was a DV in the "classic" sense. Otherwise, you can choose to appeal the plea or have an attorney withdraw your plea so that you can litigate these issues.

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  • I was given a Citation for broken license plate lights but cant provide proof but i still installed the lights, what to do?

    I was pulled over for having burnt license plate lights and let alone handed a citation over it. Given the difficulty of providing evidence/information on my car doesnt come with the lights installed being the mechanic told me and it is an old car...

    Wilson’s Answer

    Having good relations with the mechanic allows you to draft an affadivit for the mechanic to endorse. It would essentially indicate the facts of this vehicle, vin #, make, model, year and especially the missing "plate lights" issue. This would show the judge that your intent was in good faith when your first purchased the vehicle. The other legal advise that was given to you will also assist in getting this ticket dismissed.

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