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Mary Katherine Brown

About Mary Brown

About me

In addition to my family law, business law and medical malpractice work, I regularly provide legal consultation and trial preparation for other attorneys.  Whether my client is a legal professional, a business, or an individual, my goal is the same: do all I can to achieve the best possible result, and make each contact with my client an opportunity to demonstrate my respect for them, and my appreciation for the trust and faith they put in me.  I strive to balance efficency with patience and detail so I can help my clients understand what can be done, what may be done, and/or what must be done to protect their legal rights and achieve their objective within their budget.  It is also extremely important to me that I counsel each of my clients on litigation and legal "crisis" avoidance!  Many, many legal disputes can be can be avoided entirely with proper attention to drafting and documentation, and those that cannot are often possible to resolve with negotiation, creative thinking, ADR and/or some combination thereof--all solutions less costly than litigation.  Besides legal training, I believe a good lawyer's toolbox should include large quantities of empathy, enthusiasm and perseverance, mine certainly does... 

The best compliment I can receive from a client is a referral to a friend or a family member--there's no greater validation that my efforts on behalf of my clients are worthwhile and meaningful.  To those who have made such referrals, thank you again!


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