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Howard A. Schwartz

About Howard Schwartz

About me

When someone is in need of legal services, they are oftimes going through a very difficult period in their life.  At our office, we strive to make these tough times as easy as possible. Nicole Krysinski and I always try to find the time to listen to client's problems, evaluate the situation and take time to provide the answers they are looking for.

Representation is a complex matter which requires analysis, thought, creative thinking and dedication. At our firm, we try very hard to look at a particular situation from numerous angles in an attempt to come up with the best solution for a particular client.Although we are always ready to do battle and litigate a matter to its conclusion, the truth of the matter is that many legal matters are resolved with some type of agreement between the two parties. This holds true in criminal as well as civil matters.

At Schwartz and Krysinski, the formula is a simple one. We LISTEN to our clients, work hard to look under every rock for possible factors that will help resolve the situation and then strive to give 150% in each and every matter to bring about a positive result. Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we are always there to try and serve each and every client as they work their way through whatever problem has brought them to our office.