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Edgar Romano

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  • How long do i have to sue my privet worker disability insurance for canceling the policy after injury.

    they start to pay the compensation for 3 months till they said that the investigators they sent saw me on the job site working and that was not true i just came to visit my friends from work.

    Edgar’s Answer

    You have 2 years from the date of accident to file a Worker's Compensation Claim in N.Y.S. However, it appears you received 3 months of benefits from the compensation carrier. This advance payment of compensation tolls the 2 year statute of limitations. It is very important for you to contact a Worker's Compensation attorney regarding the timely filing of a claim. The attorney is not allowed to charge you a fee for the consultation and will only get paid should they recover money for you. Best of luck!

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  • Can somebody tell me which AMA manual work comp doctors use to determine disability.thank you

    Thank you

    Edgar’s Answer

    There are currently 6 editions of the AMA guides. California currently subscribes to the 5th edition and therefore those guidelines would apply to your case.

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  • Does a small church of about 20 members in New York need workers comp or disability insurance?

    We pay some money to about five people who work in the church, including the minister. The money we give them is more like a gift because taxes are not taken out.

    Edgar’s Answer

    If you have people who work for the Church as employees then they need to be covered by Workers Compensation insurance.

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