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Lauren Seides Chartan

About Lauren Chartan

About me


I have had both the pleasure and opportunity of beginning my legal career by challenging my energies and commitment toward representing individuals in the realm of public service. First, as a Staff Attorney with the Legal Aid Society and then as a Deputy County Attorney in the office of the Nassau County Attorney.

However, it was my decision to transform my career and pursue a Masters in Law in Family Law that truly exemplifies my commitment to my role as "legal representative and advisor."  Having become a single parent and experienced life as a litigant in the world of family law was both inspirational and humbling. It provided me with the impetus to counsel and guide other individuals through a very difficult and emotional time in their lives. More than this, my pursuit has allowed me to apply not only my educational training but, an insight that can only be derived from personal experience.

Families in the midst of transformation require a special brand of attention and commitment. At our Law Firm our clients receive that and much more. I am very proud to be a part of this process and prouder still to be instrumental in fostering new beginnings and hope for all those adults and children we represent. 



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