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Jacqueline Harounian

Jacqueline Harounian’s reviews

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  • Unhappy with representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I retained Ms. Jacqueline Harounian to represent me in a divorce, equitable distribution, alimony, child custody and child support case. Our initial "free consultation" was pleasant but after that, I rarely saw her again and only spoke with her assistant. I had every expectation that I would remain in my house, retain custody of the children I raised and receive a fair financial settlement. My spouse was abusive towards me an my children. Ms. Harounian was ill prepared for court and it was obvious she did not know anything about my case and didn't really care. She refused to change tactics or sit down with me to talk about it. She ignored everything I told her. I was utterly devastated when I lost primary custody of my children that I raised, my home and received a terrible financial settlement.

    Hired attorney
  • Amazing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    After consultations with several other attorneys, it was apparent within minutes of meeting her that Ms. Harounian was vastly superior. She thoroughly knows the law and the courts -- can answer any question you could possibly have, no matter how idiosyncratic your situation may be -- quickly grasps who you are and what you need, and will get you through your divorce as inexpensively and painlessly as she can. She honestly cares about her clients and stays on top of their cases at all times. Truly amazing.

  • Dissatisfied Client

    1.0 star

    Posted by vross62

    Jackie was retained to handle the buy out of marital house. I signed all appropriate paperwork in her office. My ex never signed to release escrow check to me without my knowledge I wanted a closing with all parties there but never happened. So I moved out signed agreement, signed deed over to my ex, gave key but my ex never signed so the check was never released to me. Jackie is still holding escrow and charging me $3,500 for handling check for 2 years. I have no money no house. I don't think she knows what she's doing. And I am homeless

  • Jacqueline Harounian is the consummate professional and an extraordinary Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Devon B

    Jackie Harounian is a consummate professional with extraordinary knowledge, compassion and expertise. I am extremely grateful to Jackie and her team for her guidance, support, and generosity in helping me with my recent divorce. From the very beginning Jackie was generous with her time on the phone, gave me sound advice, and was always responsive. She kept me informed throughout the proceeding and always let me know what to expect. The divorce itself was difficult in and of itself, but I will always be grateful to Jackie and her team at Wisselman, Harounian and Associates for getting me through it smoothly and in the most dignified manner possible. I give Jackie and her team the highest recommendation possible because of her expertise, commitment, responsiveness and empathy. Thank You

  • Trusworthy Attorney who gets the Job Done.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Jacqueline Harounian was thorough and gave direct instructions at every phase of our case. Throughout the process she was responsive to my questions and concerns. She gave logical and procedural feedback. Her knowledge of the law had a direct POSITIVE impact on how the case was settled.Jacqueline was organized, prepared, honest, truthful, trustworthy, responsive, informative, professional, courteous and compassionate. I thank god I found her and will be forever grateful for getting the case Dismissed.I would Recommend her to family and friends that are in need of a family law attorney.

  • A true legal attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Becoming a newly mom and going through a divorce process in a short amount of time is very stressful and emotionally draining. However, the expertise of Jacqueline Harounian and her staff definitely eased the process. From day one, Jacqueline understood what I was seeking for in my divorce matter and fought for it until the end. Her staff engagement through the whole process was phenomenal. They were always available to answer my legal questions and/or just to hear me out and alleviate my anxiety. I am forever indebted with Jacqueline. Her tenacity, passion, and care for her clients is what makes her an amazing attorney with a high success rate. I highly recommend Jacqueline and her firm to anyone who is seeking representation in a divorce matter at a reasonable cost.

  • "An Excellent Attorney"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Jackie Harounian is by far the" BEST ATTORNEY " I have ever met. Her Style, Her Class, Her Knowledge and Understanding of the Law, as well as Her Compassion for her clients is the "Elite" in the industry.
    Going through a divorce is tough enough, having children in a divorce is really tough, but having a child
    with "Special Needs" and going through a divorce is beyond words. Unfortunately my previous attorney
    in my divorce, did not handle or represent my child and I in a way that would secure what we were entitled to by law. Once my divorce was finalized and my ex-husband did not comply with any and all of the Court Orders that were put into place, I knew I was left with no choice but to find an "Excellent Attorney" to correct the situation and properly represent me. Jackie, along with Lisa Gardner Associate Attorney and Jessica Fitzpatrick Paralegal have taken the time and all measures to ensure that any and all legal issues that were incorrectly handled in the past, were now being addressed with the court.
    They have answered every question one could possibly ask with regards to my case. Jackie and her team have returned every phone call, every email and every fax that I have sent to each of them, and believe me, there were many! The first time Jackie and I appeared in court there was a major snow storm on its way. I called and asked Jackie if we were canceling, Jackie said "Are you kidding? Court is open, we are going in!" Well not only did we go into Court and wait for what seemed like forever, the "Snow Storm" started and we were not called into the Court Room until the end of the day...Yes Jackie Harounian and I were the very last Attorney/Client to leave the took several hours to return home in the storm due to weather conditions, but Jackie didnt care. She made sure that everything we needed to do that day in Court was taken care of. I must mention that Lisa Gardner, Jackie's Associate Attorney along with Jessica Fitzpatrick , Jackie's Paralegal are the "Most Loyal and Dedicated Associate Attorney/Paralegal " I have met, not to mention have ever heard of. They know every detail of your case, and when they tell you they were check and advise you, they mean it! I "HIGHLY' recommend Jackie Harounian and her Associates to represent you, especially in such situations where your divorce can be very complicated.

  • A Blessing !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    The day I walked into Jackie's office to seek help ending my 32 year marriage on behalf of my own happiness and serenity was nothing short of a divine connection that would send many blessings into my world then as well as now. Jackie's mixture of legal brilliance and spiritual gentleness on behalf of her clients helps the difficult journey of loss become transformed into hope. She helps her clients re-map their future with gratitude, direction and purpose to embrace sound decisions and fair negotiations which eliminate unnecessary pain and expense. The entire staff supporting her offered
    a "nurturing energy" making the moments so much more comfortable as one makes their way through the emotional haze of changing the dynamics of the life they are leaving behind.
    With full heart I am so very grateful for Jackie's protection and direction...."winning" for me an amazing
    outcome both financially as well as personally which enabled me to see and set the critical priorities
    necessary for a life joyfully lived after divorce.

  • Excellent, Empathetic and Fair...Will Do What's Best for Your Child

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Philip

    I hired Jackie Harounian after reading an article she wrote for the Huffington Post dealing with father's rights. I initially called her office late on a Friday night in what I would best describe as a panic after being served with a divorce summons with a laundry list of 23 demands, including full custody of my 14-month-old daughter. I was the primary caretaker for my daughter, staying home to take care of her five days and nights a week. So the prospect of losing custody terrified me.

    To my surprise, Jackie called me back personally that night and calmed me down by explaining the law and walking me through the steps I would need to take to ensure I retained joint custody of my daughter.

    Throughout the entire process, there were ups and downs brought about by the changing relationship between my spouse and me. There were times when I felt sad or panicky or wavered on the direction I wanted things to go. And Jackie was great about keeping things focused on what was in the best interest of my daughter. She negotiated a very fair settlement with opposing counsel that focused on providing what was best for my child. And I guess that's what I really loved the most about Jackie. She was very honest about the law and the things that I would be entitled to but she was also very sympathetic to the child's best interests. That's something that other attorneys out there sometimes lose sight of.

    If you are looking for someone to destroy your partner in your divorce, Jackie is probably not the right lawyer for you. I have no doubt that she could do that if she wanted to, but she is more about creating a fair outcome for her client and his/her kids and positioning clients to move forward with their lives after the divorce. She did that for me. Despite having oscillating feelings towards my child's mother during the process, I feel that the way my case was handled by Jackie (with particular focus on the best interest of my child and fairness for me as her client) has allowed my ex-spouse and me to be better post-divorce co-parents.

    I thought Jackie's fees were more than fair and in line with the expectations I had at the start of the process. Everyone I dealt with in the firm was beyond respectful and empathetic, from the front desk to the paralegals, to Jackie herself.

    If you are looking for a caring, strong attorney to help you through your divorce and to help you maintain a strong presence in your kid's life (while also creating a fair outcome for yourself) I highly recommend Jackie and her firm.

  • Great Lawyer and an excellent person!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Antonio

    Jackie does a fantastic job. She helped me through my divorce and made it very painless at a time like that. She is honest and caring also. Her staff is great also. I would highly recommend using her for all your needs.