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Jacqueline Harounian

Jacqueline Harounian’s Legal Guides

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  • Juvenile Delinquency and PINS Petitions

    PINS Petitions and Family Court By: Jacqueline Harounian, Esq. In our family law practice, we are sometimes asked about the use of PINS Petitions in Family Court. Usually the questions arises in connection with unruly teenagers whoAcannot be controlled@by their parents. This ...

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  • Divorced But Stuck Together (Due to the Real Estate Market)

    Divorced But Stuck Together By: Jacqueline Harounian, Esq. Everyone knows at least one married couple who stayed together because of the kids. Today, it is increasingly common to hear about couples are getting divorced, and then continue living together because of the house. ...

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  • Fathers' Rights 101

    Fathers Really Do Have Rights By: Jacqueline Harounian, Esq. Like the gay rights ("Marriage Equality") movement, black civil rights movement, and feminist movement, the Fathers' Rights movement is grounded in constitutional rights and imperatives. It has grown out of the ver...

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  • Mediation versus Litigation in Divorce Cases

    Mediation is the Best Starting Point for Many Couples If you and your spouse have good communication together, and can agree to basic terms regarding custody and division of assets, you may want to c

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  • How to Lose Custody in 7 Easy Steps

    1. Not being the primary caretaker: In most households, one parent is most responsible for caring for the children's basic needs -- the so called primary caretaker. The parent who is the most involv

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  • 5 Top Steps to Take Prior to Commencing a Divorce

    Protect your inheritance While your client is deciding whether to file for a separation or divorce, they should take the following steps to protect their rights emotionally, financially, and legally.

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  • How to Have a Smart Divorce in New York

    Why is Divorce So Costly in New York? This can be attributed to New York being the only remaining state still requiring grounds for divorce, or the fact that New York's custody laws seem to encourage

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  • How to Protect Yourself and Your Children from Domestic Violence

    Who is affected? Domestic violence affects people who are married or dating, and can occur between parents and children. It affects people from all social, economic, racial, religious and ethnic gr

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  • How to Negotiate Joint Custody In New York

    JOINT CUSTODY - What is in the Best Interests of the Child? "What is joint custody?" is one of the most frequently asked questions that I hear as a family lawyer. Joint custody or "shared parenting

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