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Christmas Car Accident

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $500,000

Description: Last Christmas Eve (2008), my clients, a father and daughter, were taking a trip from their home in Orange County, when a pickup truck crossed a double yellow line, and slammed into their vehicle. They were driving a small compact. The daughter, who had been sitting in the back seat, flew through the front widshield. The father was crushed into the steering wheel, fracturing most of the bones in his chest. He spent months in the hospital recovering. The daughter now has a scar from the top of her head to her eyebrow. They did nothing wrong and were now left with severe injuries. By that following July, before even starting a lawsuit, I was able to convince the insurance company for the pickup truck to offer its entire policy. I warned the insurance company that if they made me sue, thereby putting my clients thru more agony and grief by having to relive the accident, that I would no longer accept the policy limits and that I would then "go for it all". They took my threat seriously, as they should have, and they did the right thing. We were able to collect the full amount of the $500,000 insurance policy. My clients are great people and they did not deserve this -- I stil wish that I could have done more.

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