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Matisyahu Wolfberg

Matisyahu Wolfberg’s Legal Guides

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  • NY Supporting Deposition Law

    1) You have no right to request a supporting deposition in dreaded TVB - Traffic Violations Bureau hearing offices. (see here for more info about theTVB 2) you have no right to request a supporting deposition in New Jersey either. 2) In general, more and more police agencies in N...

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  • To request a Supporting Deposition or not in New York on a traffic ticket.

    Many people ask me: Should I request the supporting deposition, when given the option to do so on a simplified traffic information? In the old days, and in some limited situations today, requesting a supporting depositio was sort of a tight rope. If the officer does not provide t...

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  • Sample Notice of Appearance in Traffic Case in New York

    State of New YorkRamapo Town CourtCounty of Rockland The People of the State of New York, Notice of Appearance Plaintiff -Versus- Jon Doe,AxXXXXXXXDefendant PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, That the undersigned appears on behalf of DefendantJon Doe, in the above entitled action, en...

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  • A motion to dismiss for Speedy Trial Grounds in New York

    State of New YorkGreenburgh Town CourtCounty of Westchester The People of the State of New York, Affirmation of Defense Counsel on Motion to Dismiss Simplified Traffic Information on Speedy Trial Grounds Plaintiff -Versus- XXXXXX,MU0XXXXXXDefendant Matisyahu Wolfberg, an attor...

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  • Fighting Traffic Tickets in New York

    Defending a Traffic Ticket in New York By Matisyahu Wolfberg, Esq. 25 Robert Pitt Drive, Suite 211 Monsey, New York, 10952 845-362-3234 I. Introduction to Vehicle and Traffic Law. a. Laws found in VAT at, for example http://publi...

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