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Montgomery J. Delaney

Montgomery Delaney’s Legal Guides

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  • Beware Of Dog

    The First Bite May Be Free In many states, the law requires that the owners of animals have prior notice of the vicious preopensities of their animals. If the animal had never attacked or injured any

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  • Slipping, Tripping And Falling...A Case Full Of Traps

    The "Slip, Trip Or Fall" Case Every year, thousands of people are injured, some of them very seriously, after encountering slipping, tripping and falling hazzards. Ice, misleveled pavement, broken st

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  • What to Do After a Serious Accident

    Get proper medical treatment! This is the highest priority. Remember, there is no need to file a lawsuit immediately, in most jurisdictions the law allows ample time for a statute of limitations. It

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