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Verris Bunah Shako

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  • When a state fails to extradit a person who agreed to be extradited does the warrant remain opened?

    The charge is possession of cocaine in Fl.

    Verris’s Answer

    Yes the warrant remains open until the extraditing state comes to pick the person up or dismisses the case.

    If the person is eventually extradited back to the state with the warrant, it becomes incumbent upon the extraditing state to show they made reasonable efforts to bring the person back.

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  • What are possible consequences for criminal mischief under Ny criminal code?

    hello, My name is Justin and i am from Mastc Beach longisland NewYork. I was driving my car with a few friends and one of my friends the a rock at 3 cars. one was on the hood, second was on the hood again, and third was through the back windshield...

    Verris’s Answer

    Hello Justin. First relax. You have many good things going for you. First you have no record and second there are some factual issues that will likely be resolved in your favor before or at trial, if necessary.
    Now there are different degrees of Criminal Mischief.Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail or 3 years probation or a fine, among other things IF you go to trial AND Lose. Criminal Mischief 3 is a Class E felony.
    I doubt they charged you with the felony, so I will discuss the misdemeanor.
    You will need an attorney for this case since you are facing jail time if you are convicted. The District Attorney's office will want restitution for the damaged vehicles. Did the car owners say they saw the driver throwing the rocks? Could they determine which window of your car the rocks came from? You will likely have to push your case to trial to get it dismissed. If you are resistant to going to trial, you may have to look into whether you friend is willing to step up and take responsibility for his actions by admitting to what he did and also by paying for the damage to the vehicles. If not, you have to go to trial. But your chances at trial are good.
    I hope this helps.

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