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Personal Injury case

Case Conclusion Date: 11.29.2006

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Ruptured fetal sac in auto accident

Description: Client was a restrained front seated passenger who was 6 months pregnant and riding with a friend and traveling through an intersection controlled on either side by stop signs. The adverse driver, an elderly male, failed to stop at the stop sign and the front of his vehicle crashed into the passenger door where my client was seated. She was removed from the scene via ambulance with sever abdominal pain. Diagnosed at the emergency with a rupture of the fetal sac with loss of and leaking gestational fluid. Client was unstable and risk to unborn child severe. She was admitted to the hospital and treated with medicine and monitoring. However she developed a severe allergic reaction to the pharmaceutical regimen and had to stop medicine. This made her unstable and her pregnancy high risk. She was confined to the hospital bed for 2 months, at which time she delivered the baby via emergency cesarean section. Luckily the baby was born and remained healthy. I immediately made a claim with the adverse vehicle's insurance carrier. I monitored the case and obtained the medical records on a routine basis and continued to advice the insurer's claim representative of the ongoing injuries and damages suffered by my client. Prior to commencing lawsuit the insurer tendered the liability policy. In essence my client got the full amount possible without having to resort to lawsuit.

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